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September 21, 2008


Tribby, Channeling Wychie again

I do admire you guys for your well read outlook and your extensive liberry. Transparent or not, you are on top of the trade in the dog world. "Gung ho"! Please forgive my bellicosity.

Wychie was a short legger like Fala. Through her we gained great insight into the world of short-legged terriers. They are not half bad even if they only are half height! Spunky dudes - I'll give them that.

Mrs. Jones

I have chosen to tag you as Superior Scribblers (well, really just Joe)

You may check your responsibilities here:
Feline Observations

dog beds

Now there was a presidential dog with plenty of personality! Oh, the bygone days of vanished elegance...

Betty Boop Figurines

Dogs really excel.They are our best friend.

Nicole, giant schnazuer training expert

Your staff is great. Sam is very beautiful. I admire your thinking. Such a wonderful post.

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