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August 13, 2008


Tribby, Channeling Wychie

Yes, I am Wychie, the Wonder Sealy. We are a generous and loving breed, very Wirey of disposition, a bit stodgier, but with short legs and gigantic heads, not extreme like WFTs. We are very jolly and chortle a lot. A perfect dog for Mr. and Mrs. Claus.

I had a relative in "Suspicion," the movie with Cary G and one of those sisters. I foget her name. De Havealot or Fountain or something...

Cary had a way with terriers, still does. We all enjoy his company up here. Johnnie was the Sealy in the movie and belonged to Mr. Hitchcock. He was not nearly so much fun as CG. He also has a big head.

Thank you for writing about us, Gimlet Rose. Good day, Tribby, you Tribulation.

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