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April 21, 2008


The Urban Eater

We are sooooooooooo HONORED!
Puppilicious recipes soon to come!

steamy kitchen

Love it Mr. Doodle's Dog! I vote that they use this instead of their pic in the paper!

Tribby, Culinary savage

I have a Sherpa bag in which to travel. Can I fill it with goodies to tide over 7 dogs until their next meal? And two fingerers?

Any good squirrel recipes???

claudia (cook eat FRET)

that rendering of them is AWESOME
nut totally AWESOME...

i am so envious... i usually am not a fan of such things but you nailed it. great work!

The Urban Eater

Come and get it Gimlet, Nigel and Sam!!!!!
Sorry, Joe. You'll have to eat Tuna!

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