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April 14, 2008



WOW! Une jolie fille, not a gateau at all. But where are the remains of the last cat Pie. toes or no? At the Kremlin?

Joe the Cat

You would have to ask Josef Stalin. He seems lost without us.

Josef Stalin

Monsieur JoeCat knows he has a standing invitation to my table. Il ferait un beau pâté en croûte de chat!

Dewey Dewster, WFT

Dearest Wire Foxy Doodles,

We can sympathize with your desire to have the use of your front yard...why we just came back from more than a week in the Pa. mountains where we had the run of the front, side and back yard, unfenced and huge and had no-lead walks in the woods as well.....but we are back in the city where we are cooped up and confined to the back yard....small and fenced in...what a pity.....til our next visit....We love everything your Mom helps Gimlet create, the logo is chef d'œuvre .....go professional Gimlet and...by the by, Gimlet.... Voulez-vous coucher avec moi?

Dewey Dewster here.....


Hey pals, pawsonally I love Gimlet's logo. I'm not a digger myself, but I like to watch my Irish Terrier pals dig and bark encouragement.

Just noticed your reviews of 2 Sandy Turner books. J1 had the pleasure of meeting him and his handsome WFT, Dexter, on Brighton beach a few years ago. They exchanged tales (tails?) of naughty WFT antics and took a couple of photos of Dexter and my predecessor, Watson, together. He was swell! J x

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