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March 30, 2008



If I can connect the dots, I think you are right. People do not want to be disillusioned about their organizations, and that is too bad if they are corrupt, as this one seems to be.
Volterrier writes a very good allegory.


Hey Sammy Chadsrags makes scarfs any color you want and they are made in the USA and we don't charge for them.


Sammy, dag nab it, "You is ma hero."


Tribby, all I did was stand up for myself. I have four legs, after all.
But, thank you. Sometimes a tie can feel like a noose, and who needs one of those?


CoCo, I came across some of Nigel's Chadsrags in his cabinet. Do you mean you would make one for me if I gave you my neck measurement?
As you can see, I have a very long neck ... my doggiedad always tells me so.

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